Announcing City Version 3

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Proven strategies for American cities to compete and win

America’s cities must compete or face the consequence of decline. Thirty years ago the competition might have been to land the next big IBM facility or GM factory. In 2015, a more nuanced competition is over issues such as quality of life, healthy mobility strategies and entrepreneurial connectibility. Measures of success are likely “where are our young people moving?” and “which cities are creating networks to support success in all neighborhoods?” The greatest urban success stories also share high rates of biking, walking and transit ridership.

cyclists-with-mapToday, City Version 3 is launched by experts with proven track records of enabling communities to succeed against these critical measures. Not just another consulting firm, City v3 is a cooperative venture of individuals and enterprises that offer a comprehensive set of expertise focused on urban mobility strategies. City v3 experts have produced programs to increase biking across diverse populations, created communication to build urgency about critical transportation investments, implemented America’s most successful bikeshare system, increased intermodal transport ridership with innovative real-time technology solutions and more.

“Transit, walking and biking are keys to success!” proclaims London Mayor Boris Johnson. And indeed, Londoners are putting money where their Mayor’s mouth is! In the next 10 years, the city will invest over £100 Billion Pounds digging new tunnels for the London Tube, creating new biking infrastructure and building high speed rail connections. The Conservative Mayor states emphatically that “these investments are vital to creating new walkable, bikeable districts, which are imperative to expanding city’s economic boon across Greater London.”

The goal at City v3 is not to create cookie cutter cities, but to first understand a community’s vision for economic success and then offer proven strategies formulated to achieve that vision. Like London, much depends upon a community’s ability to create dynamic places, which in turn attract business and social vitality. City v3 experts can get you there.

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