The Good and the Bad of the Capital Bikeshare Member Survey

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Capital Bikeshare’s 2014 Member Survey indicates that even as Washington D.C.’s bikeshare service has grown by leaps and bounds, its users have become older, whiter, and wealthier.

Most company executives would be happy enough with these demographics. Wealthy customers? Yes please.

Washington’s business community, in fact, was a tough sell on this new transit option. Many businesses were initially leery of bikeshare stations located near their retail establishments. Their fears were: What kind of customers — if any — would bikeshare provide? Would they scare away my “real customers,” who drive cars?

Is it time for Metro to get out of the escalator business?

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Where should the boundary line between Metro and local authority logically be drawn? Although Metro’s escalators have nothing to do with moving the trains safely between stations, clearly they are necessary to get us to the platform to board Metro trains. But so are sidewalks and roadways that lead up to the stations. Is it possible that the cost and myriad of issues presented by operating 91 stations has diverted Metro’s attention and important funding from that most important job of safely and efficiently moving the trains? The time has come to think this through again.