Graphic Design & Illustration

Graphic design is an integral component for effective communication. In 2015, written and spoken words can rarely stand alone. When done well, graphics pique community interest. An infographic without effective graphics can become a jumbled set of information. Communications are most successful when combining great writing and great graphics.

Good design techniques not only help to tell the story, they can also reconnect target audiences to memories of stories that they have heard in the past. Thus effective branding through graphics/logo design becomes a common thread weaving together messages and experiences about a product or service over time.

Computer-aided graphic design can be effective. But when used in strategic combination with hand-drawn illustrations, bam! The target audience senses a difference and surveys confirm that they react positively to such artistically crafted messages.

With the avalanche of communications in our world today, great graphic design is paramount to make your message stand out. In advertising, we are asking the target audience to take some action such as purchasing our product or service. Without great graphic design, that “ask” stands little chance for success and likely will be completely overlooked.

In short, great graphics and illustrations are integral to program success!

City Version 3 Expertise

City Version 3 knows graphics and illustrations. Our talented in-house art talent has created highly effective graphics, including branding, advertising and infographics. Throughout the Washington, DC region, Martina McDonough’s advertising skills have invited everyone to rethink public buses and her art layout has navigated thousands through the city with her map design. Her work is deeply woven into the public identity of Capital Bikeshare. Beyond DC, Martina’s art expertise has created successful graphic strategies for clients from New Jersey to Hawaii!

Great communications require great graphics. City Version 3 has the artistic talent required to integrate graphics and illustrations to achieve communications success for you!