Infographics and Data Visualization

Skillfully created infographics and data visualizations are powerful tools to communicate information, data and knowledge. In the hands of a creative technician and gifted illustrator, complex information can be conveyed quickly.

The classic example is Charles Minard’s visualization of Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia, which he drew in 1869:


Even for persons who do understand the French language, Minard’s crisp illustration and straight forward representation of the facts allows us to quickly grasp the magnitude of this terrible military miscalculation.

City Version 3 Expertise

City Version 3 experts have proven skills to create stunning visualizations that quickly describe complex issues to diverse audiences in very creative ways.

Take examples created for DC’s Metrorail:

  1. a hand drawn infographic offering advice about how to use the system, which is invaluable information for the millions of tourists who use the system each year.
  2. a data visualization built upon Metro’s open data about how the system has been used, offering great insights to citizens, policy makers and transportation planners alike.

A good picture is truly worth a thousand words. Like Minard’s diagram, the two Metrorail examples show how skilled artisans can convey a depth of understanding that is simply not possible with either the spoken or written word alone.

What information do you need to convey? Fit within the context of an overall communication strategy, visual tools can be especially effective. Let’s talk about your objectives and how City Version 3 experts can help you achieve success using powerful visual displays.