Event Management

A strategy for public events is critical for positive engagement and building support for important investments.  These programs can be venues for local and national champions to speak about their vision for how urban strategies will benefit the community – and allow individuals from all walks of life the opportunity to ask questions and offer input. From formal programs featuring all-star panelists to events for gathering around maps to consider program alternatives, community programs are critical for building consensus to allow public investments in new urban programs.

City Version 3 Expertise

City Version 3 experts have produced successful programs as part of an overall strategy for creating dynamic urban places.  Other event series have nurtured important subgroups of constituents such as techies with a shared interest in using transportation data to build intermodal transit applications and data visualizations.  To build broad support for public investment necessary for dynamic urban spaces, an array of programs must be developed to appeal to diverse interests.  City Version 3 has the expertise necessary to create a coherent strategy of events for gaining broad public support.

As with any of our work, City Version 3 experts amplify these events beyond actual participants with written articles and video productions designed to create the biggest impact.  With strategic media relations, these products are directed to media outlets for their maximum exposure to build critical broad public support for client initiatives.