Leadership Training

Are your community leaders prepared to speak up about the importance of dynamic urban investments? Having opinion leaders from across the community speak confidently about these issues is a valuable resource for building broad public support. But too often, these individuals lack confidence in their own knowledge about the topics.  In many regions, key leaders are not well versed in the benefits of transit and bicycle improvements, and therefore cannot serve as effective champions for change.  This can leave the transit agency and political leaders as the only advocates for such improvements, which can appear disingenuous and self-serving to the general public, especially when opponents of these projects paint themselves as ordinary members of the community.

City Version 3 Expertise

From Indianapolis to Raleigh, our City Version 3 team has produced and delivered training to key leaders, giving them the confidence to speak up. Good candidates for such training are individuals who possess a sphere of influence beyond their specific organizations, such as civic affiliations, board memberships, or elected positions.  They care deeply for their city and have an abiding interest in creating a better future for the next generation, but need additional support to speak confidently about these issues.

City Version 3 workshops comprehensively address multimodal transportation and urban development strategies, including:

  • Projected costs
  • Projected benefits, including the impact on the full range of regional priorities such as public health, livability and economic competitiveness.
  • Traditional and innovative funding and financing
  • Coordinating transportation and land use
  • New shared-use transportation strategies
  • Multi-modal and real-time technologies
  • Strategies for building regional consensus
  • Countering the opposition with positive messages
  • Writing an effective blog entry
  • Media training.

City Version 3 workshops can be tailored to suit your needs from one on one training covering key talking points to classroom training covering the substantive background on a full range of issues. Our training empowers local champions to take a leadership role within their community in advocating for key public investments. As an additional takeaway from the training, each participant develops – with the technical assistance and support of the consultant team – an individual action plan of steps they can take to support dynamic urban initiatives in the region.  Possible activities might include writing an op-ed to the local paper, hosting neighborhood meetings, speaking before a city council or zoning commission, or coordinating an advocacy group.