University Programs

The huge expense of storing cars means that programs tailored to encourage the use of other transportation options is a great value to universities seeking to use their valuable campus footprint for academic purposes. Incoming college students are a particularly great community of adapters to embrace the full range transportation options available for navigating the campus and surrounding community.  A variety of strategies and fun programs can be employed to make students confident to utilize these transportation options and leave the car behind. These programs also underscore the university’s commitment to sustainable practices.

City Version 3 Expertise

From online tools to crowdsource student origin – destination – time of day patterns to edgy marketing targeting young audiences, City Version 3 has the expertise to help universities both pinpoint their transportation needs and shift utilization to sustainable options. Best of all, transportation scavenger hunts produced by our experts are flat-out fun!  In the midst of this fun, students build camaraderie and learn their way around the surrounding city by biking, walking and public transportation.  These programs are a big win for both universities and students alike.