Tech Community Building

Nurturing a homegrown community of tech enthusiasts who are interested in transportation and urban development is a great strategy for grassroots success. The creative energies generated by such groups can come up with valuable new discoveries and innovations to address urban challenges.

Transportation systems churn out vast amounts of data. In the hands of techies, this data can be transformed into creative new applications that assist users to navigate your city. Or it might be the input to visually stunning visualizations that show how people use your system. By bringing this community together, great ideas can build off of one another and the end results can be both unexpected and extremely beneficial.

City Version 3 Expertise

City v3 experts have built and nurtured a dynamic transportation techie network in the Washington, DC region. At monthly meet-ups attracting sometimes 200+ attendees, members demonstrate their tech creations and talk about matters of mutual interest. Themed events allow focused discussions on topics like biking or bus-user applications.

Techie networks are an important building block of economically robust communities and enthusiasts become another constituency to support your dynamic urban objectives. Through the DC network, numerous tech startups have found talented coders, which is vital to keeping a homegrown tech community in the region. And products created by this tech community have become important assets for residents to effectively navigate the multimodal transportation system.

Don’t sit idly while your techies isolate and drift off to other cities. Let City v3 experts implement valuable strategies to develop this valuable resource in your community!