Bikeshare Implementation

Cities around the world are rushing to implement bikeshare systems for the simple reasons that people love them and they work. As of January 1, 2015, there were 855 bikeshare systems operating with hundreds more in the planning stages.

Perhaps there is no transportation system that is more closely aligned with progressive urban programming than is bikesharing. And like an expectation for other forms of public transportation, by the end of this decade it’s likely that visitors and prospective residents will expect that cities have a bikeshare system as a transportation option. When implemented well, bikeshare can be a great complement to multimodal urban travel.

Almost universally, bikeshare system use has been higher than expected. Indianapolis’ Pacer Bikeshare is a great example and is touted by Mayor Ballard as an important quality of life enhancement for urban dwellers.

City Version 3 Expertise                                      

Capital Bikeshare has been heralded widely as the most successful bikeshare system in the US and City Version 3 experts have been involved in all phases of its implementation, ranging from crowdsourcing station locations, important program materials, special marketing promotions and events for techies to demonstrate bikeshare applications and visualizations. We advocated for bikeshare in the Nation’s Capital prior to its implementation in 2010 and provided important support to forming the North American Bikeshare Association in 2014. City Version 3 knows bikeshare.

Is your city planning a new bikeshare system or seeking to reinvigorate an existing system? Let’s talk about your objectives and how to implement a system most likely to achieve your goals. From analyzing the pros and cons of different bikeshare technologies, to creating successful branding and selecting a bikeshare management company to oversee the day to day operations, we can help. Our experts can help you seek out funding and create a range of content for media releases touting bikeshare benefits. City Version 3 knows bikeshare and we are here to make sure your bikeshare system is a big success!