TDM Strategies

Transportation Demand Management

Transportation demand management (TDM) is a set of strategies for accommodating human mobility within the existing supply of infrastructure. Building new transportation infrastructure is expensive. TDM helps people accommodate their mobility needs without overcrowding existing options and by utilizing more sustainable options. TDM strategies suppress demand at peak times by: 1) encouraging use at other times of the day; 2) encouraging options that move more people though the existing infrastructure; and 3) encouraging use of more sustainable options.

TDM activates dynamic urban places. By encouraging biking, walking and transit, proven TDM strategies can help bring our streets and public places to life with visible human activity.

TDM strategies can be pennies on the dollar that would otherwise be spent to expand roadways to address traffic congestion, not to mention parking facilities to accommodate everyone traveling with a personal automobile. TDM strategies encourage people to consider sustainable options like transit, ridesharing, walking, biking, and telework. Not only are these options fiscally responsible and “green”, they support an active lifestyle that keeps our population healthy. For an entire range of benefits from traffic congestion to quality of life, implementing effective TDM programming is a smart choice.

City Version 3 Expertise

From sales programs encouraging employer-based incentives to community biking programs, City Version 3 experts know TDM. We understand what programs are best strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

No US jurisdiction has implemented a more comprehensive TDM program than Arlington, Virginia. Our City Version 3 TDM experts were engaged in all aspects of the Arlington program, including implementing key TDM strategies, gauging their impacts and developing compelling content touting key benefits. Our experts have played key roles in implementing TDM programs in other parts of the US as well.

Let’s talk about your transportation goals and what TDM strategies would be a good match for your community. Don’t waste time trying out programs that won’t work. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and activate your urban places with TDM!