Regional Planning Initiatives

No city is an island! Coordinated success across multiple jurisdictions requires effective regional planning. And creating regional plans depends heavily on skillful consensus building with numerous stakeholders. Through John Mataya, City v3 possesses key expertise for highly successful regional planning initiatives. Six important types of regional plans are detailed below:

Regional Vision Plans

John brings experience managing a variety of planning efforts at the regional scale. One of his key accomplishments is creating the Region Forward Vision Plan while at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). The vision document identified regional targets in areas of transportation, land-use, housing, the environment, and heath. John can work with you to design a regional planning process that best fits your region and examine best practices from other regional planning commissions across the country.

Assessing Regional Progress Through Indicators

John’s experience includes working with data sets and identifying regional indicators. While at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG), John oversaw baseline progress report , which was developed to measure regional performance related to the 28 targets in Region Forward, a long-range vision plan adopted by COG and its member governments in 2010.

Creating Spatial Tools to Manage Regional Growth

John’s experience includes overseeing a major update to the region’s Activity Center map while at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. The update involved using a mix of policy and data analysis tools designed to link regional planning efforts with locally approved compressive plans The process created significant buy-in among local officials and now serves as an important planning tool for the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and other regional programs.

Place Based Equity and Economic Growth Strategies

John’s experience includes creating regional economic and place based strategies for the region’s Activity Centers or priority growth areas. While at the COG, John launched a process with regional partners to develop the Place + Opportunity report which creates a regional framework to understand common challenges and opportunities in Activity Centers. The framework also serves as a regional guide when applying for federal grants, providing technical assistance, and making strategic transportation decisions.

Data Analysis and Census Reports

John’s experience includes creating U.S. Census reports and conducting a variety of regional analysis publications. These include topics on economic trends, commercial construction trends, housing trends, demographic analysis, and green building construction.

Best Practice Manuals

John is able to create best practice manuals that are tailored to your region’s planning issues. John brings experience creating such manuals while at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) and with the Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. The most prominent example in John’s portfolio while at COG includes the Toolkit for Affordable Housing Development, which was Nationally recognized and funded by groups such as the Fannie Mae Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners, Prince Charitable Trusts, and Sun Trust Bank.