Zoning Ordinance Strategies

Zoning is probably the first step in developing and implementation tool for TOD.  While it’s the private market that most often implements the overall development of the TOD, it is the local jurisdictions role to guide where and in what form that development takes place.  They are in many ways the manager of that growth. A well-developed Zoning Ordinance can help ensure successful development, even incentivize it, while a poor zoning strategy can thwart efforts to develop successful TOD.   City v3 has extensive experience through Bob Brosnan in developing Zoning tools to implement TOD.  Through his work in Arlington Mr. Brosnan has worked to develop incentive zoning tools for six Metro station areas that has resulted in guiding and incentivizing successful TOD.  He has also worked to develop and implement a Form Based Code to guide growth in the Columbia Pike Corridor.