Paul Goddin


Paul Goddin is squarePaul Goddin is an experienced content creator and social media manager with a background in urban planning. He has led successful communications and public information projects for companies including Mobility Lab and Northern Virginia Transportation Commission. Paul’s education in planning and his prior information technology experience inform his stories about smart growth, transit, sustainability, and social equity. He has an innate ability to distill complex information into a strong messaging foundation that’s delivered to the general public.

Paul’s reporting has been in publications from the Washington Post to Washingtonian, he is a contributor to Greater Greater Washington, and he has been quoted on National Public Radio. Paul is sought out to produce analysis and writing and to create a finished work product on transportation and planning projects.

Paul maintains a web site called Urban-ish that includes his work products and articles for previous clients, and lives a car-free lifestyle in Washington, D.C. Paul holds a Bachelors degree in urban planning from the University of Virginia.