Tom Fairchild


Photo: Tom Fairchild

Tom Fairchild is a visionary transportation consultant, who launched City Version 3 to provide expert guidance to cities that are seeking to implement plans for dynamic urbanism. City Version 3 specializes in advising clients for achieving plans for successful transit and transit-oriented development — essential building blocks of healthy entrepreneurial cities.

After 20+ years in the field, Tom understands that transportation is much more than simply moving people and goods from place to place. Rather, transportation intersects with some of the most relevant issues of the day. Health. Aging Populations. Affordable housing. Business vitality. Environmental sustainability. Tom is passionate about bringing positive change to all of these areas through successful team-building, active engagement, innovative programming and technology.

Realizing the importance of teamwork, Tom is always on the lookout for new strategic alliances to further this cause. In his previous role as Director of Mobility Lab, Tom assembled a team of professionals to further the client’s goals of increasing transit usage and decreasing single occupant motor vehicles. He advocated compellingly for the importance of transportation demand management. By focusing on communications, special events, media relations and technology, Mobility Lab fostered a sense for how transit programming benefited broad public interests such as health, business and the environment. 

Tom’s grassroots community work leading Clarendon Alliance public-private partnership pushed the envelope toward the phenomenally successful urban space surrounding the Clarendon Metro Station in Arlington. Working with the existing Clarendon Sector Plan, Tom’s efforts included recruiting developers with expertise to build to the plan, producing programs to garner community input and support, and developing events to build a unique sense of community and civic pride. Subsequent work in the commercial real estate development and as a small business owner / developer gives him broad perspectives on building livable communities.

A longtime resident of metro Washington, DC, Tom holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. Whether walking his dog for recreation or riding his bike for transportation, Tom loves to use the region’s many trails.